Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Project #4: Assorted Thank You Cards

This might not be as big of a challenge since I make cards pretty frequently, but this is my first foray into using stamps! And cards with cutouts! And it's my first time trying to sell something on my Etsy shop! So it was a pretty new experience.

I found a pack of cards with "windows" at Michael's in their $1 bin and thought they were unique and cute. So $1 for 8 cards and envelopes. Then I found flower stickers (you wouldn't believe how rare a decent set of flower stickers is!) for $1.79. I received some stamps and ink for my birthday and decided I'd give them a try with these other supplies.

The supplies: Ink pads, stamps, flower stickers,
and blank cards with windows.

Stamping the cards!

The top sentiments are done in pink, and the large "Thank You" at the bottom is done in blue.

Finished product!

The set of four, for sale on Etsy!!!
2 say "Kindness is in full bloom" and
the other 2 say "Kindness is always in season."

I'm really happy with how these turned out. I wanted them to be more whimsical and not quite so "perfect," and that is definitely how they came out!

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