Sunday, February 5, 2012

Project #8: Toy Car Storage

I LOVE this project! It is super simple and so handy!
Landon got some AWESOME car-type toys for his birthday and Christmas, and that means we have about 8 little cars that are just small enough to not see when you're walking across the room, but just big enough to really hurt when you step on them.

We took an old wipes "tub" and some inexpensive car-themed fabric to create this storage container. We also used sandpaper to rough-up the tub and some Mod Podge, with a sponge brush. Add a pair of scissors, and that's your whole supply list!

There's a nail in this picture because I used it to score the tub for adhesion. Then my wonderful husband showed me where he stores the sandpaper, and I switched to the faster, simpler route.

Step 1: Using your nail or sandpaper, score or "roughen" the entire surface of the tub so the Mod Podge will stick better.

Step 2: Center your fabric over the front of your tub. Apply a thick layer of Mod Podge on the front of the tub and lay your fabric across. Press down, being sure to keep the top edge of your fabric under the "lip" of the tub.

Step 3: Wrap fabric from the front to the back.
See how the fabric ends at just the right level at the top of the tub? This is important!
(Not pictured: fold the fabric from the long front panel under the tub, as far back as it will go, and Mod Podge it down.)

Step 4: Add an extra panel of fabric to cover the back.
(If your fabric is long enough, you can wrap the whole thing with one piece.)
Use a thick layer of Mod Podge to adhere the fabric to the tub, and apply Mod Podge ON TOP at the seams to help hold the fabric down.
(Not pictured:  Use any excess fabric from the back panel to overlap the bottom piece and create a fully-covered bottom)
Mod Podge over all seams for added strength.

Step 5: Follow the same steps from above to cover the lid. Trim the fabric so it aligns with the edges of the tub's lid. Mod Podge fabric at the edges to keep it from fraying and peeling.
Cut a hole at the latch to keep the latch free and "workable."
Then you're done! 

You are all ready to store your cars!

Kids think it's so fun to put their cars in and take them out, and they can help you clean up!

However, the latch is strong enough (not just the push button-type latch, but a stronger one that is harder to open) that kids can help put their toys away, but the younger ones won't be able to open the latch and make a big mess!
Holds about 8-10 small-sized cars, though you could do this with larger containers and extra fabric and have it be a cute and creative toybox or doll-storage container!

This project took about 1.5 hours to make, since I'm including some Mod Podge dry time in there! Let me know if you have any questions!

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