Thursday, December 8, 2011

Project #2: Spur-of-the-Moment Inspirational Earrings

This idea is one I did NOT take from Pinterest, though I'm sure someone thought of it before so I am sorry if I really am stealing an idea that I kind of came up with myself.

Remember those ribbon bookmarks from yesterday? I used my leftover Easter Basket ribbon and made one for myself:

Then, I had 2 charms left. "Hope" and "Love," and my leftover ribbon clamps were too big for ALL the ribbon I have in my house. So I decided to make earrings!

These are the only supplies I used. My jewelry pliers, 2 jump rings,
2 dangly earring bases, and my 2 charms. Don't ask me how much everything
costs because it all comes in big packs. I'm guessing this set cost me about $1.00
And I'm already wearing them. I'm hoping people ask me about them at work tonight.
I'll let you know!

All you do is use your pliers to open the jump ring.
Hook it into the dangly earring base and the charm's jump ring.
(This ensures that the words hang straight and not with the
narrow edge of the charms facing people.)
Close the jump ring with your pliers. Repeat on other earring.

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