Inspired Designs

I've been inspired by so many wonderful women in my life, and I love taking the pieces of their personality and their lives that I love and letting those things inspire my jewelry designs.

Right now, we are gearing up for the Relay For Life, to benefit the American Cancer Society.
Cancer has hugely impacted my life. My parents are both cancer survivors (YAY!), but tragically I have lost some amazing people to this terrible disease. I have lost 2 grandfathers with very little warning, and I want to have a part in making sure that this NEVER happens to anyone else.

To raise money for our Relay For Life team, I am selling my "Inspired Designs" earrings and necklaces. Earrings are $10, and $3 from each pair goes directly to our team. Necklace pricing depends on the necklace (sets are also available, for varied prices).

I can also do custom jewelry and can match almost any color, for brides looking to get wedding jewelry for bridesmaids, etc. Here's a picture of my bridesmaids in the jewelry I made for them!
We can discuss materials, prices, etc, before you commit, but I would LOVE to make affordable wedding jewelry for your special day!

Here's a sampling of my work:

L: Jeannie      R: Janice      C: Ellen

L-R, Top-Bottom: Janice, Jeannie, Susan
Kristen, Ellen
Stephanie, Timi, Darci

Ashley II

Ashley I


2-days' work!!!

Better pictures are coming soon... if you are interested in purchasing anything or have any questions, please comment below OR email me at

Thanks, and have an inspired day!