Monday, May 21, 2012

Project 15: Baby Blanket

You'll need a yard of fabric... this is a light flannel material.

You'll also need an iron-on patch. I love the contrasting prints of this striped elephant with the polka dot fabric.

Step 1: Remove your iron-on patch from its backing. Place it on the fabric where you'd like it to go.
Be sure to leave some extra space for your hems!

Step 2: Following the instructions on your iron-on patch, iron the patch onto the fabric.
Every patch that I've worked with has called for a press cloth, for which I just use an old t-shirt.
I think most patches will ask you to press 10-15 seconds on one side, and another 10-15 seconds on the other.

Step 3: Fold over the sides twice to create just under a one-inch hem. Pin in place for consistency and sew.

Step 4: On each end of each side, cut a small diagonal. This will help with the next step. Don't go crazy... a small snip will do!  

Step 5: Just as you did with the sides, fold each end over twice. Pin. Sew.

Step 6 (Optional): If you want, you can reinforce your patch by hand-stitching it in place. I like this option for a baby blanket, because it will definitely get washed a lot, so sewing it will help it last longer!

Ta-Da!!! So simple, but it's a great personalized option for a baby shower or young child that you know!

Project 14: Awesome Clutch!

I'm not going to steal the tutorial from the great woman who provided it to me. That would be wrong.
Instead, I'll just post my picture so you can see that I made one, and then I'll give you a link to see the tutorial for yourself!

Check out the instructions here, then be sure to visit her Etsy shop here to buy your clutch frames! (I found some frames at JoAnn's and other craft stores, but they were $7.99 each. With the Etsy shop, I ordered 4 frames for about $5 each, and they are much sleeker.

I also used E6000 glue for the clutches. It's not the recommended glue for them, but it worked!

This project is not all that time consuming, but it does require some different materials (interfacing, fusible fleece, the glue, etc. Dry time on the glue is usually 24 hours.

I want to practice a few more clutches, and then make one that is white with a white lace overlay and an aqua interior, for brides. I think it would be awesome.

Here is my clutch:

I love this fabric and thought it would be cute to go with a red, cream, or navy dress for the summertime, especially for any weddings. (I always think of clutches as wedding bags!) Anywho... I think this clutch took me about 2 hours because I was reading all the directions very intently. Is it perfect? Nope. But did I sell it for $30? Yep! I'll post a few more pictures after I make more!