Saturday, December 10, 2011

Project #3: The Wedding Program Ornament

I had seen some pretty nifty wedding invitations turned into ornaments, so on my almost daily pilgrimage to Michael's, I spotted craft ornaments on sale outside and picked up two. I had every intention on creating something really new and unique, but I decided to copy off Pinterest again and use my cousin's wedding program to make a Christmas gift for him and his wife.

Here's a "before" shot: The wedding program
and the empty plastic ornament.

I took off the front of the program and cut it into narrow strips.
I wanted to make sure the words were all intact.

Luckily, the strips were narrow enough that I could feed them through the opening at the top of the ornament (when the metal piece is removed.) I fed them in so that the text was on the outside. I also added a few burgundy pieces of paper to go with the wedding colors. A few pieces of paper got wrapped around a pen first to give them some spiral and extra dimension.

I added a heart charm and a burgundy velvet bow (left over from my bookmark project) to finish it off, and ta-da! You can read some important pieces from the program and it incorporates the color scheme.

The Supplies and Cost:
*The ribbon was a leftover from a previous project, and a spool cost $2.99
*The charm was a leftover from a previous project, and a pack of 6 was on sale for $2.40, regular price $4.
*The ornament is typically $1.49 but was on sale for $0.75.

Total cost (using the sale prices) was about $1.25, and I think it is a great momento for their first Christmas as husband and wife!

Check back in a few days to see what happens to the second ornament!

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