Saturday, September 22, 2012

Project 18: Team-Spirit Apron

Ugh. Awful. I have been inactive for FAR too long... but have no fear, I've still been crafting!!! The latest project is an NFL hostess apron, made with NFL fabric and fun trim, for all the ladies who hostess AND cheer for their team in the fall!

This is my favorite time of year... hoodies and jeans, nice breezes, apples, and crisp, colorful leaves!!! But my favorite thing about fall has got to be the return of my favorite sport. I LOVE football, and for many of the games we are inviting friends and family over to our home. We are always making some kind of food, so a cute team-spirit apron seems appropriate!

They are super easy to make. Here's what you'll need.
3/4 yard of NFL team fabric
3/4 yard of accent fabric (you'll have enough left over to make two aprons or 1 apron and some accessories... those are coming later!)
1 package of Extra Wide Double Fold Bias Tape

and of course, your supplies, like a rotary cutter/scissors, cutting mat, sewing machine, and coordinating thread.

NFL Fabric: 1 piece, 24" wide x 26" long (This can be adjusted based on your preferences)
TRIM: 2 pieces, 2" x 24" each (This depends on the width of your apron. One piece should be the width of your NFL fabric. The other should be about 2 inches longer), 2 pieces 4"x40" each.

Supplies... TA-DA!
Step 1: Lay one of the 2" x 24" pieces on your NFL fabric, right sides together, at least 2 inches from the bottom.
Since the print on my fabric is so big, mine is more like 3 inches.
Pin in place.

Step 2: Sew along the bottom edge of the trim fabric.

I used a different colored bobbin and thread. Since the thread will be visible on the back side of the apron,
I used blue so it would blend in. Betcha can't even see it in this picture!

Step 3: Flip the trim piece over the seam you just sewed, trim the bottom of the apron until it matches up with the trim fabric and...

sew along the bottom edge!

Step 4: (NOT PICTURED) Sew your bias tape along the sides and bottom. No need to worry about the top!

Step 5: Lay your waistband piece (2" x 26") on the top of your skirt piece, right sides together. Sew together across the very top with a 1/4" seam allowance.

Step 6: Turn project over to back side of apron. You will flip the waistband piece over, tucking in 1/4", and sew again. (Essentially, the waistband will look like bias tape in the print of your trim.)
There should be one extra inch of trim left over on each side of your NFL fabric.

Step 7: Take 4" x 40" pieces. Each one will be its own tie. Fold each in half and sew along open edge. At one end, sew a diagonal. Turn ties right-side-out and press. Then, fold under the open edge 1/2".

To attach, insert the inch of fabric from the waist band into the tie "tube."
If your machine can handle it, a pleat at the seam here looks adorable. I just folded my tie tube until it was the same width as the waistband and sewed it together. I'll admit it. My machine is cheap. So I did what I could.

Once your ties are attached, you are all done!

TA-DA! Your finished product!

Ready to host game night!