Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Project #11: Super Simple Flap Wallet

Remember that easy purse from Project #10? Well, this project is going to give you an even easier pattern to create a wallet that will go with that purse!

Step 1: The pattern is just a piece of paper, with part of it trimmed, so that it is about 6 x 11. You'll fold it "hamburger" style, with two folds, so that you'll have what looks like an envelope and a flap.

Step 2: Use that pattern (laid out straight) to cut out 1 main fabric piece and 1 lining piece. You'll also need to cut a piece of interfacing (for strength in your wallet) that is just a tiny bit smaller (about 1/4 inch on each side).

Step 3: Iron on the interfacing to the main fabric.

Step 4: Now you should have a lining with NO interfacing, and your main fabric that has the interfacing on the wrong side.

Step 5: Attach a button about 2 inches from the bottom of the right side of the main fabric.

Step 6: It's hard to see here, but in the center of the end opposite the button (on the main fabric), pin a small loop of elasticized cord. This will be your button loop.

Step 7: Pin the right sides of the lining and the main fabric and sew around 3 of the 4 sides.
(I didn't sew the end with the button, but I sewed the other 3 sides.)
Trim the edges close to the seams.

Step 8: Turn the wallet right-side-out

Step 9: On the open end, turn the raw edges inside and straight stitch across, so the raw edges are hidden.  

Step 10: Fold the end with the button up toward the other end (the end with the loop is the flap).
Straight stitch the entire way around the wallet.

Step 11: Fold the flap over and you're done! I ironed my flap fold to make it a little stiffer.
This is something I wouldn't use for coins, but it's great for cash, credit cards, and coupons!

***DISCLAIMER*** I know I'm talking about how easy these projects are and then my actual wallet has crazy stitching issues.... that's not a pattern problem, it's the machine. It's currently in a time out and I am looking for a replacement that will behave and stitch correctly.

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