Monday, May 21, 2012

Project 15: Baby Blanket

You'll need a yard of fabric... this is a light flannel material.

You'll also need an iron-on patch. I love the contrasting prints of this striped elephant with the polka dot fabric.

Step 1: Remove your iron-on patch from its backing. Place it on the fabric where you'd like it to go.
Be sure to leave some extra space for your hems!

Step 2: Following the instructions on your iron-on patch, iron the patch onto the fabric.
Every patch that I've worked with has called for a press cloth, for which I just use an old t-shirt.
I think most patches will ask you to press 10-15 seconds on one side, and another 10-15 seconds on the other.

Step 3: Fold over the sides twice to create just under a one-inch hem. Pin in place for consistency and sew.

Step 4: On each end of each side, cut a small diagonal. This will help with the next step. Don't go crazy... a small snip will do!  

Step 5: Just as you did with the sides, fold each end over twice. Pin. Sew.

Step 6 (Optional): If you want, you can reinforce your patch by hand-stitching it in place. I like this option for a baby blanket, because it will definitely get washed a lot, so sewing it will help it last longer!

Ta-Da!!! So simple, but it's a great personalized option for a baby shower or young child that you know!

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