Saturday, April 7, 2012

Project 13: Happy Easter cake!

Looking for a festive dessert for an Easter gathering? This cake is simple, fun, and delicious! Just grab your favorite boxed cake mix or cake recipe, some whipped vanilla icing (I like Betty Crocker's), a Peeps Bunny, some jelly beans, and green food coloring, and you're set!

Step 1: Prepare the batter as directed. Divide between two 8" pans. I always use the springform pans (or cheesecake pans) because the cake releases a little more easily from the sides. Bake according to recipe instructions and cool.

Step 2: Level both round cakes. This will make the assembly easier.

Step 3: Add approximately 24 drops of green food coloring to make the "grass" color. You can try to make more to make it a darker shade. Mix.

Step 4: Apply a thick layer of icing over the bottom later of the cake (once the bottom layer has been placed on the plate of your choice!)

Step 5: Using a wide flipper, wax paper, or your hands, transfer the other round cake to the iced layer you already have. To ensure the top layer won't break, build up any extra space around the edges of the bottom layer with additional icing for support. Ice entire cake: top and sides.

Step 6: With some jelly beans (the Starburst Jelly Beans are good!), create a ring around the bottom of the cake. It can be continuous or it can be broken up, since not everyone will eat them. Add a few on top for an "egg hunt theme."

Step 7: The finishing touch. Take a toothpick, drinking straw, or bamboo skewer, and stab your Peep Bunny's bottom, up as far as you'd like, though I'd try to get up to his neck. Leave at least 2 inches sticking out the bottom, and insert that end into the center of the cake.
Ta da! Easter cake! Super quick and easy!
If you can find little accessories, like miniature baskets (from a dollhouse maybe?)
to put on there, even better!


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